Fantasy Four: Zac Efron

I know one thing Zac Efron has NOT been carrying in his man purse – Q-tips. But I won’t post a link to that shocking photo that I’m referencing. Too disturbing. So, in honor of the premier of his new movie, 17 Again, here is what I think might be in that brawny leather backpack of his (I know it looks like a purse, but other photos show that it has two straps that he wears on both shoulders.)

  1. 24 Hour Fitness membership card.
  2. Scrunchies for when he’s at 24 Hour Fitness, as seen in the photo. I wonder if the top-knot will take off as quickly as his shaggy mop-style has.
  3. Hair product & flat iron for when it’s humid outside.
  4. Wet Ones wipes for when he needs to sponge bath himself. People say he doesn’t like to shower, but let’s let the pictures do the talking: Is he enjoying himself, or what? Honestly, though – I think the people spreading these rumors about teen heartthrobs going un-showered are clearly just jealous.
    But really, Zac Efron is more than hair and muscles. That’s just what the imaginary contents of his man purse say about him.


The Art of Man Purse Analysis

Okay man-purse lovers, are you ready for the results of the ‘Inside Simeon’s Man Purse’ contest? The winner was Courtney who suspected that he had a book, and a wallet! Great job, Courtney–you really have Simeon figured out!

Below are the juicy bits of details I’m sure you’ve been waiting for. By studying the contents of a pickup artist’s man purse, perhaps we will all gain further insight into the complex art of seduction! (Is it possible that man purse analysis is an art in it of itself?)

The first thing that stood out to me in Simeon’s bag was the razor. I’d like to point out that this is not just any old razor, but a borrowed razor. What does this tell me? A razor says that Simeon is a guy with a lot of facial and/or body hair. A borrowed razor tells me that Simeon is a charming guy – so much that someone might give him a shirt off their proverbial back, or in this case, a razor out of their shaving bag.

Another goodie in Simeon’s bag is his dragon lighter. Does Simeon smoke? Nope. Was he a boy scout, and simply always prepared in case of emergencies? No, not quite. So what is the point of carrying this dragon lighter? I would assume that Simeon, being the gentleman that he is, is always prepared to provide the fire to light a future friend’s cigarette. The fact that it’s in the shape of a dragon tells me that Simeon might have played some D&D in his life (In my opinion, D&D can be a very handsome pursuit.)  If not that, perhaps it is a gift from someone who frequents renaissance fairs.

Did you see ‘A Beautiful Mind’? Russell Crowe’s character John Nash would totally use poetry like this to seduce Jennifer Connelly’s character, Alicia.The last thing that stood out to me in Simeon’s bag was his sketchpad. Does Simeon draw? Not from what I could tell, but instead of sketching in his sketchpad, Simeon crafts special graphical poems in a format he invented, called, Lattice Poetry. It’s one (seductive) thing to keep a book of poems in your man purse (which Simeon actually did have, from a recent visit to City Lights Book Store) but to have a book of your own poems, in your own poetic format? Let’s just say that Simeon puts the ‘artist’ in ‘Pickup Artist’. Here’s the complete list of items in his bag and my analysis of those items (Sorry fans, no feather boa’s in sight!):

  • Sweater (shows practicality and planning for the future )
  • Sketch Pad (self expressive)
  • Toothbrush (doesn’t want to offend those he’s closest to)
  • CD & DVD (on top of pop culture)
  • Borrowed Razor (charmingly in control of his facial hair)
  • Multi vitamins – L-Lysine (Simeon told me that L-Lysine is good for stress/canker sores.  He did not say specifically that is why he took it.  Some of you may remember that the dinosaurs on Jurassic Park took Lysine supplements as well.  I don’t know what that says about Simeon, but I just thought I’d point it out.)
  • Lattice Poetry (creative/inventive)
  • Screenplay (industrious)
  • Wallet (everyone’s got this–no biggie)
  • iPhone (communication and relationship are important to Simeon)
  • Alleve (has arthritis?)
  • Napkins (messy eater)
  • Dragon Lighter (enjoys fantasy, very social, doesn’t hate smokers)
  • Old Receipts (not comfortable throwing things away)
  • Chain w/ secret inscription from friend Alex (beloved to his friends)
  • Scissors (crafty diy’er)

So what do you think?  Is man purse analysis an art comparable to the art of seduction?

Coming soon is a self-submitted profile from my favorite ESL Teacher/travel writer, Matthew Crompton.


Man Purse Profile: Matthew

Hooray! I got a new dog! I was afraid I wouldn’t have any time to post anything this Tuesday, but thanks to Amanda, who submitted a fantastic profile of her friend Matthew, we’ve all got another man to gawk at and/or admire. Draco Falcor Malfoy says, “WOOF!” which means ‘thank you’ in his special doggy language.

You too, can submit a man through our aptly named Submit-A-Man form! I’ve even updated the form so it no longer publishes your email address on the “auditions” or “calendar” page. Now, you can even tell us what feature you should be in (depending on whether you know him already, or if you just saw him on the street, and whether or not he already has a man purse.) By the way, you don’t have to know the man or even have his permission if he’s in a public space, but it’s HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. If you’re guessing the contents of his man purse just let me know they are guesses instead of actual items. You can also submit photos of celebrities, just give me the URL of the site you found the photo. (And Bernadette, we all know you don’t actually have David Beckham’s permission to post his profile. But thank you for the submission, and you’ll probably see him up this Thursday.)

So give it a shot, it’s easy! Well, if you’re approaching a stranger, it’s scary, but use your best judgement and ask as many questions as you can think of, okay? And if you’re not ready to approach a stranger, try interviewing a friend–it’s fun! Take a snap shot at home, or somewhere fun. Need inspiration? Go to http://www.whatisjameswearing.com


Did you check out James’ blog? Awesome, huh? Thanks for coming back. Now, on with the man purses!!!



Man’s Name: Matthew

Matthew shows us his classic man satchel

Age: 31

Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Occupation: Designer. Entrepreneur. Lover of Women.

Location spotted with man purse:  Art gallery reception in Hayes Valley, SF.

Submitted by:  Amanda (visit her blog!)

Matt’s man purse was given to him by his ex-girlfriend. It is an I Medici from an open market in Italy. It is his favorite manbag. In it I found: 2 sweaters, a dish towel from Costa Rica, and sunglasses. Seriously. I like a man who carries extra sweaters. The sweater he was wearing was apparently very designer and very expensive. Matthew is pretty much up for anything.


Fantasy Four: Robert Pattinson

Can I rename my blog, WhatKaraokSongDidTheySing.com because I just have to know what both Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman sang at a karaoke bar in Tokyo.

Let’s change the theme of this blog for a moment. Here’s my Twilight-inspired fantasy four karaoke songs for Robert Pattinson:

  • Song 1
  • Song 2 (this one isn’t so much Twilight related.)
  • Song 3
  • Song 4 (This should be a duet with Hugh Jackman–just because.)

By the way, thank you all for voting in the poll. Robert Pattinson had a strong lead throughout the entire week. David Beckham slowly crept up in popularity, but failed to top the very popular Robert. Even my sister, who submitted Becks’ profile through the Submit-A-Man form, voted for Robert Pattinson, as well.

Okay, now. Back to the real Fantasy Four.

Without further ado, here is my fantasy four for what good ‘ol Rpatz is lugging around in his very utilitarian-looking bags…

  • Japanese Skin Whitener
  • Mace against fans who ask him to bite their babies.
  • Pocket Edward
  • Book on Non-verbal Communication

Have any other ideas about what he’s got in his bag, or what he might have sang for Karaoke? Or what about Hugh Jackman? What do you think HE sang?

Update on by What’s In Your Man Purse?

UPDATE!!! I apologize that I didn’t scour the web enough to answer my question: “What karaoke song did they sing?” since EOnline.com has the mind-blowing answer – ABBA.

ABBA + Edward Cullen + Van Helsing = Damned Sexy Disco

Yes, THE Swedish wife-swapping musical theater-inspiring ABBA!

I couldn’t be more delighted with this, and I think my crush on Mr. Pattinson & Mr. Jackman has bubbled over now as my imagination runs through all the possible songs they might have sung together.

Maybe based on how Mr. Pattinson is described in the celeb blogs as unlucky with girls, they might have sung ‘Take a Chance on Me’

Or for just an overall fun group sing along, they might have sung ‘S.O.S.’

In an ideal and beautiful world, they would have sung my favorite ABBA song, ‘Fernando’. In this fantasy world, they would sing it straight-faced, and with pitch-perfect harmonizing (I would imagine Robert Pattinson would harmonize with Hugh Jackman, who’d of course take the lead melodies.)

Or, considering Mr. Jackman’s great sense of humor, perhaps it was ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)’ I can just see the look on everyone’s face as they hear the beginning of the song, and assume that it’s the more recent Madonna song (that samples Gimme Gimme Gimme,) only to find that they’re doing ABBA, instead? I’d probably have a major freak out if I were there.

I just hope it wasn’t ‘Dancing Queen’ or ‘Mamma Mia,’ because that would’ve just been silly, right?


Murse-Match – Bradley

Bradley searches in the distance for a much-needed man-purse.

Age:  26

Astrological Sign:  Taurus

Occupation:  Screen Writing Student at Chapman

Musical Tastes:  “All over the place – Post-punk and British Invasion” (M and I enthusiastically approve!)

What Does He Like To Do:  Ride bikes

Where We Spotted Him:  The Haight

I was having a tasty brunch–Huevos Rancheros, to be exact, while simultaneously scanning the street through the cafe window, just in case some to-die-for man-purses happened to march by.  I was enjoying/suffering an extreme adrenaline high after my first interview with dear Jannik, and was hungry to spot another fashion-forward man begging to be splashed across the front of my spanking-new blog.  But none showed up, and my eggs were getting cold.  I had given up hope and tried to make up for lost time by chowing down pronto and picking off some home fries to toss onto my always-hungry husband’s plate.  I felt full, and wasn’t even half done (though everyone else had obliterated their meals by this time,) so I gave up on eating and began ogling the men through the window, once again.  I then noticed a man who had already walked past the window at least once.

He seemed like he might have been the type to carry a man purse–but no, he bore no such item.  In fact, I realized at that moment, how encumbered he was with multiple books and a shopping bag.  He might have been in danger of dropping one of his items (if he were as clumsy as myself, at least) and upon closer inspection, even had well-worn fade lines in his pants pockets where the silhouette of his mobile phone and wallet bulged through, ready to emancipate themselves from those pockets.  I realized to myself that WhatsInYourManPurse.com could actually help this man.

M and I hopped out of the cafe and found Bradley, arms full, and pacing around with a shop bag in his hands.  We introduced ourselves and learned that Bradley was actually originally from the Bay Area, himself, though he was currently studying screen writing at Chapman.  We let him know that he was a perfect candidate for a man purse, to which he surprised us (but not really) by confiding that he actually usually DOES carry a man purse.  This made a lot of sense to M and I as he clearly had misjudged his carrying capacity for the day, being so used to carrying around his favorite Seagull and Timbuk2 bags most every other day.  When asked why he didn’t have his man purse on him, he couldn’t provide an answer.  I’m assuming that it was fate that we should come to his rescue.



A Message From The Mursenary: First Interview–DONE!

It’s a little unnerving for me to approach strangers who are simply minding their own business.  I used to do liquor promotions during college, and never felt terribly nervous about approaching strangers, then.  I believe I was so comfortable because it was my formal duty to mingle.  The liquor company’s name branded across my chest gave me certain privileges that I’d never try to claim while “un-branded”. As a liquor promotions model, I was allowed to be bold, assumptive, flirtatious, and even a bit wild if the situation required (which it did, just once or twice.)

However, this weekend I was filled with terror as I realized that I had to actually come face to face with the risk that a man might consider me annoying, offensive, or just plain weird as I politely (and trepidatiously) inquired if he would be so kind as to allow me to feature him on a blog called WhatsInYourManPurse.com.  I didn’t even have a business card (they just arrived in the mail last night,) but the friendly men I approached this weekend actually didn’t seem to mind–some were even ecstatic–to be bothered to take a photo and a short interview.

After my first interview (I took the photo, while my friend, Hazel M, jotted down the notes on her phone,) I felt triumphant and found myself unable to stop talking about the experience.  I sat through an entire brunch with my head twisted around, looking through the window to spot my next interview subject.

Traci was equally excited as me to get this done right. She took time off her budding events business to accompany me today. Thanks Traci!Now that I’ve got a few interviews under my belt, I have a lot more confidence about this blog, and look forward to posting more!  You can look forward to more Fantasy Four’s (Zac Efron is next on the docket,) more Man (Purse) On The Street’s, and even a Murse-Match (this is a feature where we match a murse-less man with a murse of our choice.)



The ULTIMATE Man Purse?

eVolve Gadget Holster 2.0 – The ULTIMATE man purse?!Shame on engadget for even suggesting that this abomination might be considered a man purse.  This is clearly a holster.  I would categorize it as a peripheral before calling it a fashion accessory.  I don’t know who is buying this sort of thing so that they’d actually bother making a version 2.0, but they might as well just be honest with themselves and go around wearing a Han Solo costume.

This man makes a holster actually look good.Or they can go full geek, and don something like this:

Hey, you’ve got a Wookie on your back!All joking aside, if you want a man purse but don’t want to be actively carrying one, why not try a waist bag?  You know, a fanny pack?  They made somewhat of a comeback in 2007, and there are a few nice designs out there still.
Consider one of these:

So what do you think?

Gadget bags – What’s the best solution?

  • It’s time to eVolve. Let the men have their holster fantasy!
  • Fanny packs FOREVER!
  • Just leave the toys at home!
  • What’s the matter with a good old fashioned man purse?


Total Votes: 8


A Magical Tour of Artist’s Louis Vuitton Pocketbook Murse

Name: Artist

Age: 24

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: Singer Songwriter (Or, “Fabulosity”)

Hometown: New York (Lives in SF)

What he calls his man purse: A Pocketbook

I’m often asked what is the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen in a man purse. So far, Artist’s pocketbook has contained the answer to that question.

While walking through the Haight, furiously trying to spot a man purse, Akila pointed out a trio of men who had just parallel parked their car on the sidewalk near us. I hadn’t seen anything about them that screamed man purse, but Akila (who has a sixth sense for handsome,) instantly knew that a fabulous man purse was about to emerge from the car. So, trusting her instincts, we hovered nearby and watched in amazement as a Louis Vuitton bag materialized before our giddy, man-purse-lusting eyes.

I was a little intimidated to approach him, as this was our first day of man purse hunting, and we were face to face with a true man purse that did not cling to the boring conventions of our contemporary notions of masculinity. This was no mere backpack, nor messenger bag, nor briefcase. This was a murse in it’s full glory. Or, as Artist prefers to call it, a pocketbook.

Artist was more than gracious to give us a tour of his pocketbook. He pointed out that as a singer-songwriter (a hybrid title almost as luscious as actor/model) it was necessary that he have on hand his Mac book and battery charger for writing songs. But what I wasn’t prepared for, was a small bundle wrapped up in a scarf. Artist unveiled a deck of tarot cards. We asked him why they were wrapped in the scarf, and Artist looked at us with his appropriately mystical “Vampire Green”-tinted eyes, and explained to us that the scarf actually helps seal in the energy of the tarot cards.

What’s in Artist’s pocketbook? Forget the pocketbook–what’s in our future?!!!We were so bedazzled by Artist’s mini lesson on storing tarot cards, that we nearly missed his gold Mary Kay eye shadow, mixed in with his other eye-related items such as spare contacts, a contact lens case, and eye drops, and also mints and an empty cigarette box.

It was such a magical, though brief interaction, but we had to let Artist and his “people” continue to their meeting to discuss his next music video. However, Artist let us know that he could be found on YouTube, where you can view his vlog, and listen to his pop/folk/r&b styled music.


A Message From the Mursenary: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

A lot of things have changed around here! Have you noticed the new logo? I hope so–it’s huge! Also, the Purse Rack page went live a while back, as well. The items from that page are from Endless.com, but if you know of another bag from ShoeBuy.com, Linea Pelle, SHOP.com, BagsBuy.com, or also from Endless.com that I ought to have on that page, please let me know!

WhatsInYourManPurse.com now also has it’s own line of merchandise, available through CafePress.com! I’m ordering some sample items and will post photos so you can see exactly what level of quality you will get. Now that we’ve got some real merchandise, we can get started with some giveaways!

Here’s how the giveaways work:

Every week, I’ll post a celebrity Fantasy Four. You post your thoughts on what you think could be in the featured man purse. The following week, I’ll choose my one favorite item, as suggested by you, will announce you the winner of the previous week, and will send you a prize! The prizes will be stickers, magnets, and buttons most of the time, but every now and then I’ll raise the stakes and offer an extra enticing prize. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

Good luck, and keep posting comments!


Johnny Appleseed probably made his own man purse.

I’m just saying.  If Johnny Appleseed truly ever existed, I’m sure he sewed up his very own special man purse.  This murse would be specifically designed to facilitate the distribution of apple seeds while one dutifully saunters about the nation spreading apple-riffic joy (and probably religious pamphlets too.)

This post is an ode to the hand-made diy man purse.  The greatest thing about a murse you make yourself is that you can customize it to fit whatever odd thing-a-muh-jig you choose to carry around.  And I, of all people, know you carry strange things around in your man purse.

Like a gun.  No joke.

This rugged man pack holds his laptop, his shades, his keys, and on occasion …his guns!

“I made this one for a private contractor ( aka – mercena

ry ).”

“I designed it primarily for the user to conceal carry into an urban setting and engage in combat while maintaining a low profile.”

Ohhh, okay well now I guess the gun makes sense.  In a very scary way.

What is probably the “coolest” thing about it is that it’s also a convertible fanny pack! (boo yeah!)

“I have included a heavy duty padded belt that hides in the back panel ( as pictured below ). When deployed it allows the user to wear the bag like a fanny pack on your side. This is designed to provide the user a complete LBS ( load bearing system ) discretely at their fingertips.”

So yeah, he’s thought of everything.

Are you beginning to understand the beauty of the home-made man purse?


Well, go take off your pants and make one yourself!

Oh wait, leave those pants on–I have one last question for you.  Why is Johnny Appleseed such a frat boy? (take a look at the pics at the top of this page. Notice the pink shirt, goatee, hempy puka shell necklace??)  I’ll leave you that to ponder.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the topic.  THEN, take off your pants and make a man purse.